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Subscription Sponsorship

Missionaries, students and seminarians want to nourish their faith by reading the Catholic Herald but don’t have the money. Here's how you can help them.

After the Catholic Herald launched in the United States in November 2018, we began receiving messages from students and hard-up Catholics who couldn’t afford a subscription.

We realized that there is a hunger out there for our magazine, which combines searching analysis, witty columns, and elegant arts coverage with faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

And we remembered that G.K. Chesterton once wrote that "everyone should read the Catholic Herald".

But not everyone can afford to. And there is limit to the number of free subscriptions we can give people: we need to make a profit in order to survive in the tough and expensive field of publishing.

That's why we are launching our sponsored subscriptions program. It's a way of showing kindness to strangers – fellow Catholics, many of them isolated or struggling financially, whose faith you can help to nourish.

A sponsored subscription is similar to a gift subscription — except you're buying for Catholics you haven't met instead of friends or family members.

These subscriptions will be given to anyone of limited means — but especially students, seminarians, missionaries, and active or retired clergy.

Sponsored subscriptions are not tax–deductible, since they are not donations to a charity. They are purchases on behalf of others.

When you buy a sponsored subscription, your purchase will be matched with an appropriate person.

In addition to giving to those who apply to receive our magazine, the Herald will adopt a "mission" mentality by approaching schools, colleges, and Catholic student groups to give away available subscriptions.

This will help to grow a culture of joyful and well–informed Catholicism on campuses where orthodox Christian values – including the sacredness of unborn life – are routinely mocked and censored.

The program is flexible. You can buy a full sponsored subscription for $75 or you can simply pay whatever amount you want toward one.

If you need a sponsored subscription yourself, please send your name and address to We can't guarantee you will receive one, but we will do our best.

Every sponsored subscription is a little act of defiance against a secular establishment that feels threatened by the spread of the Gospel and the celebration of our Catholic heritage. Please be generous!